Who Do We Help

  • The Rescue Project helps those in extreme need all over the world. We put emphasis on those affected by terrible natural disasters and similar world-changing events, with children being one of the main groups of people that we seek to help.Location has less to do with those we help, as aid is needed all over the world, regardless of borders and political allegiances. We often seek to give aid to developing countries, who all too often find themselves hit the worst by natural disasters with no way to provide aid themselves and receive little aid from surrounding areas.
Clean Water and Sanitation in Destitute Areas, Globally.
  • The Rescue Project brings aid all over the world to areas that do not have an ample source of clean water or adequate sanitation. Every minute a child dies due to lack of clean water, and The Rescue Project is dedicated to preventing as many of those as possible, as well as improve sanitation conditions in destitute areas, as improperly handled sewage causes the vast majority of illnesses around the world.
Eye Health for People Around the Globe.
  • Eye health is something that is taken for granted, as there are 1 billion living with impaired/nearly impaired vision, most of which stem from either easily treated or easily preventable conditions. Children are the most affected by eye health, as without vision their chances of receiving an education all but disappear in most of the world.
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