How will the raised money be used?

A: All proceeds go directly to benefiting those in need all over the world, with an emphasis on children.

  1. The raised funds will be used for drilling wells, building latrines, developing proper drainage and wastewater systems, filtration solutions, providing eye care and educational outreach on all of the benefits and maintenance for the provided solutions. Empowering locals to utilize readily available resources and to develop additional solutions and enhance our initial effort in their communities.
  2. The target of our initial fund drive is to build at least 100 wells with filtration systems across affected villages in the destitute regions in the aforementioned.
  3. Partnerships with “The Lifesaver Bottle” and “Lifestraw” The Rescue Project will secure and distribute 10,000 units of these devices to Puerto Rico and Flint Michigan
  4. Future endeavor includes, Investing in environmentally friendly technology solutions
  5. Water-Producing Wind Turbines uses a wind turbine to condense water from the air and pump it into storage tanks for filtration and purification.   A 30-kW wind turbine houses and powers the whole system. A prototype of the technology has been installed in Abu Dhabi and has been capable of producing 1000 liters of clean water a day from the dry desert air daily. This product is powered by a wind turbine. That component makes it able to produce large quantities of clean water in areas that don’t have ready access to it without requiring grid power, which makes it especially promising for remote communities and disaster areas.
  6. Providing small-scale renewable solutions like solar hot water heating and lighting, geothermal, hydro, wind and tidal wave power generation.


Is the Rescue Project only giving aid to Africa? Where else would Vision 2020 Campaign funds help?

A: The Rescue Project gives aid to areas in need all over the world, be it Africa, Asia, or even to areas hit by natural disasters and are facing water crises.

Thus far, HAVEN HANDS and THE  RESCUE PROJECT  have outreach in villages in Haiti and a couple of West African countries, with donations and support to orphanages. With the launch of the Vision 2020 campaign, we will be broadening our outreach in aid worldwide, wherever it can have the most impact in the lives of people. The initial focus of this campaign will mainly target Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti, and Southern Asia, where the lack of clean water have mostly impacted children and resulted illnesses and deaths. Other outreach projects will also be dedicated to clean water issues right here at home, in places like Flint Michigan, Puerto Rico, and rural America.

Do I have to live in the United States to donate?

A: No! The Rescue Project is a worldwide effort, and we work with those all over the world to make the most difference possible.

How is The Rescue Project Funded?

A:  Funds are being gathered through your kind donations, sponsorships, auctions, raffles, tickets sales to benefit ball events, smaller dinner parties, and more. The Rescue Project is funded by public and private donors, with no ties to politics or organizations with agendas.

What is the mission of Vision 2020?

A: The mission of Vision 2020 is to raise $20 million by the year 2020 to help 200 million people all over the world.

What issues does Vision 2020 seek to combat?

A: Vision 2020 goals are to provide clean drinking water,  proper sanitation and necessary eye health care. Our initial project drive is to provide clean water solutions to people in Haiti and four additional countries in West Africa.

What organization is behind Vision 2020?

A: Vision 2020 is a Campaign by The Rescue Project ( which is a subsidiary of HAVEN HANDS Inc (

Is this organization a nonprofit or a corporation?

A. It is a not for profit and an NGO Non-Governmental Organization advocating for the well-being of mostly women and children across the globe.

Will The Rescue Project be dealing with a third party or be working on the ground directly?

    1. The Rescue Project is partnering with smaller organizations with similar mission and solution oriented technology organizations to give aid in these areas, and over time, looks to expand its outreach and aid giving on its own.
    2. Some of the available solutions we are currently working with and want to expand the benefits to more people includes AquaSafeStraw,  The Lifesaver Bottle, Eole Water, and Lifestraw . These products that provides clean water and/ or filters dirty water instantly for immediate consumption.

Can I Interview or invite Resk ‘Que to speak at my event?

A: Please email all information for any invitations and interview requests to . You may also visit for further information 

Do I have to buy a ticket to the fundraiser or what if I just want to donate?

A: No! You can choose to donate HERE by clicking the link or buy tickets or even donate to our Benefit ball HERE.

How much of ticket sales go towards the cause?

A: 100% of profits from ticket sales for the event goes towards helping those in need through Vision 2020.

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