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  • The Vision 2020 Campaign is an initiative of The Rescue Project that is set to raise $20M by the year 2020, with all proceeds going to aid over 200 million individuals in need all over the world. The Vision 2020 Campaign is the culmination of The Rescue Project’s goals and visions for the future, and is the fuel that is ensuring that the Rescue Project brings us to a better future.The Vision 2020 Project can be broken up into two aid categories: aid in Clean Water and Sanitation, and Eye Health.


  • One of the largest issues affecting the developing portions of the world stem from clean water scarcity, as well as less than adequate sanitation conditions. Many times in developing countries, it is up to the women of the village to go on quests for water, with these treks taking hours in both directions. The water that is available in developing countries is oftentimes of a less than satisfactory quality, leading to the spread of diseases, and this unclean water is used to irrigate crops, further increasing the spread of diseases and ruining harvests.With Vision 2020, The Rescue Project brings both immediate aid as well as lays the foundation for destitute areas to make their quality of life better in the long term. The Rescue Project brings water to areas in immediate need in local areas in need such as Flint, Michigan as well as building proper latrines and drilling wells in areas in need such as Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Eye health is something we all take for granted. It is something so basic and everyday for most of us, that we assume it is that way everywhere, but in developing countries it is anything but basic and everyday. Parasites and diseases spread through unclean water and improper sanitation, leading to widespread eye issues for many. These eye issues can cause tremendous problems, as many in developing countries rely on their eyesight to make a living. Children are especially affected by eye issues, as it interferes with their education.


  • One of the slogans for the Vision 2020 Project is Now Eye See, which is both a mission statement as well as a promise. We work so that those who suffer from eye health issues all across the world can receive the care they need and can now see, as well as opening eyes of those all over the world to the tremendous issue that eyesight impairment can be, thus opening the eyes of those all over the world, in more ways than one.


  • As part of the Vision 2020 Project and The Rescue Project as a whole, The Rescue Project combats global eyesight impairment by stopping it before it starts. By diagnosing eyesight issues before they start and treating them, you prevent the terrible danger they present. By setting up pop-up eye screening facilities in areas that need them, as well as educating the dangers eyesight impairment presents to those who dwell in areas that are commonly affected, Vision 2020 works to open eyes all over the world. The best way to treat a disease is to prevent it from happening.
    How it Will Help

    The Vision 2020 Project uses its raised funds to: build and install wells, filtration systems, irrigation systems, latrines in the selected areas that needs it most across the globe, as well as ensuring healthy eyesight and basic eye care becoming the standard all across the world as well as training and supplying medical personnel and supplies.


  • The Vision 2020 Campaign is being launched at a fundraising event on November 20th in New York City. Serving a dual role of launching the Vision 2020 Campaign as well as celebrating another milestone in the life of Resk ‘Que, this fundraiser will see the likes of celebrities, physicians, fashion icons, politicians, and more. This fundraiser and gala is the first step in reaching the $20 million by the year 2020 goal of the Vision 2020 Campaign.
    To donate to the Vision 2020 Project, please consider buying a ticket to the launch event, where you can also donate as well: